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What is small data?

According to Martin Lindstrom, in his book, Small Data: “Seemingly insignificant behavioral observations containing very specific attributes pointing towards an unmet customer need. Small data is the foundation for break through ideas or completely new ways to turnaround brands.”

This is what Deeply does. We dig deeply to find the underlying motives. We respect our customers and their target group by treating them as human beings, not objects. The best way to understand a human being is to use your intuition. And the best way to build your intuition about people is to work closely with them to reach mutual goals.

Big data is about finding correlations. Small data is about finding the reason why.

Small data is about people.

We believe that there are no shortcuts.
To create a meaningful future, it’s not about methodologies. It’s not about vision or mission statements. It’s not about quantity.

We believe it’s about human beings. It’s about social interactions.
It’s about understanding and inspiring. It’s about creativity.

We deeply believe in qualitative research.

The Deeply way

From processes to products and services, from culture to brand.

From b-to-c to b-to-b. From highly competitive, fast-moving consumer products to long-term patient care programs. We’ve been there and shared the enthusiasm with our clients. And shared the pain and frustration, as well. From hundreds of projects, we have learned one thing: change is possible.

Deeply targeted.

What makes you relevant? Target group understanding and inspiring implementation into your operations. Deep target group understanding covers the whole chain from motivational areas to products and services.

Deeply different.

What makes you believable and different? Understanding your brand, product, and service in the everyday lives of the target group. Customer-centered planning is the key.

Deeply touching.

What makes you act instead of planning and talking? Engaging your customers and own people in the development work.


Thanks to our network and digital age, lots of research methods are on our fingertips.
We believe that “listen to your customer” is a dangerous idea because superficial asking and listening leads only to predictable solutions.

That’s why we do it deeply.

We don’t satisfy in scanning the conscious mind. Our methodologies cover

  • Co-creation workshops
  • Problem-solving workshops
  • Focus groups
  • Depth interviews
  • Ethnography
  • Observational research
  • Communities
  • Online
  • Eye-tracking
  • Brain wave scanning
  • Surveys
  • Social media analysis
  • Trend research
  • Statistical analysis
  • Modeling
  • Prototyping

Deeply Online

Deeply Online is an effective qualitative research platform with a serious creative twist. As an iterative tool, it is designed especially for qualitative research and development sprints.
Deeply Online combines state-of-the-art qualitative understanding with creative ideas.
Every project in Deeply Online is unique and made in a relevant, specially picked target group. Deeply Online is intuitive and easy-to-use in all devices.

(in Finnish)

Company and network

Deeply-network covers a legion of highly experienced professionals including research, mathematics, marketing, strategy, media, business training, concept creation, architecture, design and arts.

Deeply provides high-quality qualitative research chain from fieldwork to inspirational analysis. Our speciality is research that motivates people and organisations into action.

Jukka Tolvanen

Deeply Research Oy
+358 40 734 0073